Back to Basics

Advocacy and Engagement 101With Congressional Recess fast approaching, we here at felt it necessary to take you back to the basics. While we talk about new and innovative ways to educate and engage audiences, we can’t forget about our roots. That is, what makes a good advocacy effort? What if advocacy isn’t my direct goal? And how did we get here?

With questions like those in mind, we’ll be writing over the coming weeks not only about the latest tools to integrate into your effort, but more importantly how to ensure the foundation of your effort is strong. The idea being that as new tools and ways to interact with your stakeholders hit the market, we want to be able to integrate them seamlessly into our overall effort rather than just jumping from one trend to the next.

So stay tuned for a Back to Basics / Advocacy & Engagement 101 style run-through over the next ~30 days. While federal legislators are home working in their districts, now is the time to hone your skills, to stop and take stock of your strategy so that your effort is ready not for just the post-Labor Day legislative session, but for the coming months and years ahead.