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The “Gang of 5” Who Could Kill Immigration Reform

Demographic realities, business and labor interests and politics have once again aligned to open up opportunities for the passage of a comprehensive immigration bill but the path through Congress remains lined with obstacles.

Last week, the Senate’s “Gang of 8” bill, survived the amendment process, passed out of the Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support, and is set to receive full Senate consideration when Congress reconvenes in June. All signs indicate that it is also likely to pass the chamber with bipartisan support. The bill’s fate in the House is far less certain.  Any immigration bill passed in the lower chamber will have to first sail through a number of crucial veto points manned by conservative legislators who have been less than welcoming to immigrants in the past, particularly House leadership and the chairpersons of the House Judiciary Committee and Immigration Subcommittee.

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Twitter Unveils Lead Generation Card, Great Addition to Any Advocacy Effort

I think we can all agree, there’s no one silver bullet when building your advocacy / grassroots effort.

Our clients have folks at every rung on the ladder, from users who are just joining the effort to those that are completely engaged. The challenge for many is not only how do we keep moving folks up that ladder, but how do we get more folks to join the effort so that they can have a chance at becoming an engaged user.

Today’s announcement from Twitter and their release of new Lead Generation Cards can no doubt help groups of all sizes increase visibility and build that base.

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Five States Yet to Decide Whether to Accept Medicaid Expansion

The Affordable Care Act offers states an expansion of Medicaid (the government-run health care plan for the poor) beginning in January 2014, but opening the program up to more people would add to many states’ already over-burdened budgets. Missouri became the 24th state to pass on the expansion when the legislature failed to reach a deal before adjourning last week; 21 states will expand the program.

(The Los Angeles Times, as part of an excellent package on how the health gap may be impacted, has an infographic showing which states will expand Medicaid.)

But what of the five holdouts?
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Welcome to the CQ Roll Call Advocacy & Engagement Solutions blog

Welcome to the new As the inventor of online advocacy, CQ Roll Call’s Advocacy and Engagement division has always viewed as a vehicle for those in the advocacy space to share, learn, participate in conversation and effectively advocate their issue. However, it’s no secret that in today’s evolving digital world, in order to successfully advocate, organizations have to work twice as hard to differentiate their brand and position themselves as the authoritative voice on an issue. Often, organizations are challenged with how behavior around advocacy has changed.

Advocacy is no longer linear – it’s not just sending a letter or signing a petition, or liking a Facebook page. Today, advocacy is about organizing the fragmented conversations happening around an issue and transforming that conversation into engagement and action. Today, a successful advocacy campaign can only be achieved if your brand is positioned as a thought leader – becoming synonymous with your issue.

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