Van Hollen Slams ‘Boehner Rule,’ ‘Hastert Rule’ and Eyes Sequester Deal

Two rules that have guided Speaker John A. Boehner’s leadership of the House could go by the wayside this fall when Congress takes up a debt ceiling increase, Rep. Chris Van Hollenpredicted Monday.

In a sit-down interview with CQ Roll Call on Monday, the Maryland Democrat and ranking member on the House Budget Committee slammed the “Boehner rule” — which mandates dollar-for-dollar spending cuts for every dollar raised in the debt ceiling — as “unworkable, policy-wise and politically.”

“It gave birth to the sequester,” he added.

And the “Hastert rule,” calling for majority of the majority support for legislation, could be broken as well.

Van Hollen signaled that it had to be “selectively applied,” and he suggested that he didn’t see a scenario wherein Republicans would be able to pass a legitimate debt ceiling increase bill without significant Democratic support.

“What I see happening is that Republicans in the House will unilaterally put together a debt ceiling proposal and attach to it lots of outrageous conditions that will be absolutely unacceptable, and they know it, but that’s the only thing they’ll get the votes for in their caucus,” such as defunding the 2010 health law, Van Hollen said. “And ultimately what that means is, in order to get through this period, you’re going to need support from House Democrats to get something done.”

Neither “rule” is actually a rule, of course. Each is more of a general guideline that Boehner himself has violated from time to time, including a deal earlier this year to punt on the debt ceiling and several bills that required mostly Democratic votes to pass.

Van Hollen did signal that Democrats might accept, as a compromise with the GOP, a “McConnell-like mechanism” that would require the president to propose debt ceiling increases that Congress would then have an opportunity to vote against. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., came up with the concept that was included in the 2011 Budget Control Act.

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