Social Media Today Webinar- Incentives for Online Behavior

Yesterday, I participated in another interesting Social Media Today (SMT) webinar and live twitter chat.

During this presentation, the speakers shared the importance of content on social media platforms and how to use this most effectively to develop your brand.  The panelists emphasized that online content is key to driving your advocates engagement, best described by their war cry, “Content is King!”. Why is it King you ask?  Well because you have to give them something they can’t get anywhere else, make them feel special. Everybody wants to be thanked for their time and effort so make sure that their time on your website/social media is being recognized.  Retweet!  Like their facebook page!  Give them something in return and they will come back for more.

This is a two way street between you (the brand) and your advocates.  The panelists emphasize rewarding your audience’s online behavior instead of giving out free bonuses because it is about human interaction that will spur constant engagement.  Sure, everyone wants a free taco from Taco Bell if you like the facebook page but does that help Taco Bell?  I mean, yes, it helps a little bit due to the gain of more followers and a bigger community but is this community temporary or permanent?  Chances are that your members’ online behavior will decrease after free taco day and you will have some people that will stay engaged and you will have others start to drop off.  So instead of putting yourself back financially with free rewards, make it a human interaction by having a conversation and asking them what you can do to make your brand better.

This can be easily done by simply making a questionnaire survey about your brand.  Panelists suggest that the number one question should be, on a scale of one to ten would you recommend us to others?  This is the ultimate brand loyalty question that will help you build your advocate army.  Start making your surveys and post it on facebook, twitter, blog, and whatever other social media platforms you have.

The panel’s last words of advice are to be aware of the 1-9-90 rule mentioned by Paul Dunay, who explained that 1% of your followers will contribute a lot to your social media platforms, 9% contribute occasionally, and 90% are lurkers.  More specifically, lurkers mean people who read the content but don’t contribute, tweet, facebook post on anything ever!  So, get rid of these lurkers and begin to have a conversation with your advocates.