Marketing to Your Advocates

This afternoon I participated in the live twitter chat hosted by the popular Social Media Today blog (#SMTlive).    The discussion emphasized generating valuable content that can attract attention and persuade potential costumers to subscribe to a company’s products.  Although the topic focused on content marketing for businesses, I began to explore whether these tools could be used in the advocacy/grassroots space.

The answer is an overwhelming yes, because essentially, we are all consumers, consumers of information that is.  Technology has made it easier to constantly stay connected to the latest news developments on any issue, whether in politics, business, fashion, or science.  People are consuming information from every angle: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, RSS feeds, Google News, Pinterest, Youtube, blogs, and probably other ways I don’t even know of yet.

One of the tweets addressed how to create better content based on your customers buyer personas, “@getsatisfaction:  Understanding who your buyers are, what motivates them, what their personas are, will make creating relevant content much easier #SMTlive”.  Similar to marketing, advocacy campaigns need to pay attention to their supporters and not only disseminate relevant information but also engage their communities.  You have to create communities based around your grassroots issues and make sure those people will act on those issues for you.

Below are a few highlights from the live chat:

@kaitlin solomon3: grassroots content marketing- research personas/what motivates your target audience. Get a feedback community through SoMe #SMTlive

@jamil_elhanati: The more research you do, the better you can make your content marketing, because you know exactly what your customers care about #SMTlive

@kaziurooj: The richest and most relevant content is created by your customers. #smtlive #marketing

Bottom lines:  Research your advocates.  Listen to their messages.  Get them to advocate your issues.